Dataponics is the first manufacturer to offer comprehensive cloud-based, controlled-environment automation, lighting, fertigation and analytics. A single provider means more intuitive operation, better integration, support and accountability.

Dataponics LED Light



One Light to Rule Them All

Future Proof Lighting with Spectrum Control

Why spend thousands on the latest lighting technology only to find it obsolete against the latest horticulture science? Our research-grade, multi-channel lighting allows you to fully customize your spectrum wirelessly to match other manufacturers’ fixed spectrums, future recommendations or pioneer your own research.

One Light from Seed to Harvest

Minimize stress on plants from transport or harsh lighting changes while using the latest horticultural research. Optimize growth stages using automated recipes of spectrum and intensity, so there is no need to move plants from room to room or change lighting type, height, intensity or spectrum levels manually.

Optimize Your Space & Efficiency

Optimize grow spaces with vertical racks or efficient single-level configurations. Save on utilities by reducing lighting loads, lowering peak power, and reducing unnecessary spectrum and HVAC loads. Our long-lasting LEDs eliminate the cost, inconvenience, risk and environmental impact of HPS bulb replacements.

Learn from Your Plants with Data Analytics

Automatically analyze spectrum and intensity data against growth performance to maximize yield. Add our integrated wireless environmental sensors for canopy level data on temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD, CTD and light level. Monitor, control or receive alarms from anywhere by smartphone, tablet or computer browser.

Wireless Control, Convenience & Savings

Our low-power, industrial wireless technology uses reliable, long-range (sub-gigahertz) frequencies over our mesh Constellation™ network to support thousands of nodes at near wire-like speeds. Save on new or retrofit wiring costs and integrate seamlessly with other Dataponics technologies like fertigation, sensors and controls.

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Request a Quote & Design Assistance

Let our expert team help design and configure the optimal solution for your growing style and facility. Our preconfigured solutions minimize the cost and effort required to install equipment, control interfaces, alarms, etc. Contact us today and tell us about your project to be amazed at how affordable our solutions can be.

Dataponics™ cloud-based automation

Dataponics™ offers the most comprehensive hardware and software solutions for controlled-environment agricultural automation. No other system matches our power, value, scalability, functionality or ease-of-use while giving you the power to access the system from anywhere in the world.

When you order a Dataponics system your hardware and software will be preconfigured and optimized by our team of expert designers and control logic engineers for your specific requirements. We guide you through the capabilities of the system and then configure it to operate in a way that will be most productive and intuitive for your operation.

Here are a few of our features and components:

Software Solutions

Dataponics software solutions were co-developed with industrial IoT systems manufacturer IoTA Controls™. Our cloud-based control system offers simple, drag-and-drop block programming of algorithmic logic and SCADA interfaces.  Don’t know what that means? It means it’s simple, quick and cost-effective for us to customize it for you.


While many of our sensor and controller solutions offer robust, industrial wireless versions, sometimes hard-wiring makes sense. Dataponics offers a wide range of control modules and can even develop new hardware and software solutions for equipment manufacturers or large facilities.

Dataponics grow rack system Modules

Dataponics offers fully-integrated, comprehensive modular grow rack solutions that can be one or two levels for vertical grow. These are the perfect solution for quick, simple, cost-effective installation in new construction or retrofit environments.


Our agritech experts will help you design a solution that works with your operational goals, budget, and methodology.